A product in the BCN Cocktails line developed specifically to combat cellulite and restore skin firmness. For the face it is used to treat aesthetic issues such as double chin, through the action of its six active principles: l-carnitine, caffeine, fucus seaweed, ruscus, organic silica and glaucine. Cellulite results from changes to the microcirculation in which the fat cells are stimulated to synthesise and accumulate higher quantities of triglycerides, causing the cell to increase in size and the resulting tension in the fabric of the perilobular connective tissue, when the fat lobules become overloaded, causes an irregular appearance on the skin surface, especially on the thighs and buttocks.

So any substance that mobilises the fat and breaks up long- chain fatty acids, turning them into free fatty acids, is effective in combating cellulite. L-carnitine is present naturally in the body and its main function is to transport fat deposits into the mitochondrial matrix so that they can be converted into energy. As it causes the accumulated fat to disintegrate, it is known as a fat burner. As well as promoting the catabolism, it helps detoxify and regenerate cells and restore the physiological function of the dermis.

Caffeine, working in perfect synergy with carnitine, is a regenerative substance that improves circulation, drains the body’s fat cells and tightens and tones the skin, helping reduce the appearance of cellulite. Applied topically, its action is lipolytic, destroying fat tissue and producing localised weight loss.

BCN Adipo also contains fucus, a brown seaweed called Fucus vesiculosus L which has anti-inflammatory properties and contributes to anti-ageing by improving skin elasticity; the polysaccharides it contains are natural antioxidants. Its thallus contains organic iodine, which mobilises retained fluids. It also stimulates the circulation, removing toxins and at the same time draining the oedemas that occur in the presence of cellulite. Another plant included in this product which helps combat cellulite and contributes in general to addressing problems related to blood circulation, is ruscus, Ruscus aculeatus L. Thanks to its rutoside content and its diuretic properties, it has beneficial effects on varicose veins and tired legs, as well as on phlebitis. It is also used for skin problems such as couperose, a skin disease that manifests as facial erythema. This vitamin P-like activity of rutoside improves the strength of blood vessels.

Glaucine is a molecule capable of stimulating lipolysis and inhibiting the emergence of new fat cells. This results in a visible reduction of the appearance of “orange-peel skin” and restoration of the skin’s firmness. To round off this excellent combination, BCN Adipo contains organic silica, a structural element of the connective tissue which hydrates, renews and regenerates cells by stimulating and regulating the proliferation of fibroblasts, improving the synthesis of collagen and promoting the regeneration of elastic fibres.

It is important to bear in mind that because it contains caffeine, this product should not be used in conjunction with any product containing yohimbine. Because of the presence of ruscus, it is also not recommended for those suffering from cardiac disorders, stomach ulcers, or during pregnancy and breastfeeding.